you can use gzip compression when saving a pattern, just add the GZ extension to the filename.

Shift plus the arrow keys moves the selection.

You can copy the selection by moving it with the mouse and the control key down.

You can paste the selection in the same place it was copied from it. go to file->options.
in the options dailog box select the option that says "save x and y offsets of selection".

You can choose to keep or drop the selection before running the pattern. just go to file->options then click the "drop the selection before running" option.

You can make your own list of patterns that can be load by the file browser, by selecting some files containing cellular automaton patterns, then by adding these selected files to a zip file. now you have a zip file that can be load by the file browser.

you can change the keys , just go to edit->edit the keys.

after you edit the neighbor weights or the state weights, you can make the rule table wider. Just go to Table->make rule table wider and the program will automaticaly resize the rule table for you.

you can move or swap entries. just press the left mouse button at any entry, move the mouse to a different entry then release the left mouse button at that entry.

you can paint a entire row in the rule table, one color. just hold down the ctrl key and the left mouse button while moving the mouse.