this is a tutorial on rule 43
you can download the patterns here

note: pat is short for pattern

The I2 glider

The I2 glider is the simplest glider. It is just made of 4 cells.
2 yellow and 2 red.

the t4 block the t4 block with c1
The t4 block is a block that can something have a orbiting
yellow cell called c1

in this pattern when the i2 glider touches the t4 block
the i2 glider copies itself, turns around 180 degress and goes the other way

this pattern is a basic building block for
a pattern that makes a stream of i2 gliders

here we place the 2 t4 blocks and the i2 glider in such a way so that
the i2 glider goes back and forth and makes 2 streams of i2 gliders
it is called t4 glider maker

here is the f2 block

in this pattern the i2 glider dissappears when it touches the f2 block

this pattern is like pat2 except we add a f2 block to it.
it only makes 1 glider stream instead of 2
it is called t2 glider makers

this pattern is more complex. it made out of pat2 and pat4 put togethor
one of pat2's glider streams gets cancel out by pat4's glider stream
as a result it only makes 1 glider stream

in this pattern there are 2 i2 gliders and 1 t4 block. the first one
adds a c1 to the t4 block. the second one, for it to remove the c1 from the t4 block without
making any gliders it haves to touch the t4 block at exactly the right time

this pattern the firsst glider on the bottom switches on the t4 glider maker
then second glider on the top switches off the t4 glider maker

NOT gate
this pattern is a NOT gate and is made out of 2 t2 glider makers
both glider streams from both t2 glider makers cancel each other out. that stands for 0
if you move the f2 block down to block a glider stream then you will get 1 glider stream. that stands for 1

this pattern has a t2 glider maker that makes gliders and a t4 block that halves the number of
gliders and turns them around

the I3 glider
the I3 glider is made out 8 cells. 3 yellow cells, 3 red cells and 2 blue cells

the I55 glider
the I55 glider is made out 14 cells. 6 yellow cells, 6 red cells and 2 blue cells

this pattern has 3 t4 blocks it makes a i2 glider and a i55 glider from the i3 glider

this pattern has 2 t4 glider makers, a f2 block shared by both to absorb the gliders
and pat9 in it. it combines both glider streams to make a stream of i3 gliders.
next it makes i2 gliders and i55 gliders from the i3 gliders

this pattern has a t4 block that combines the two glider streams
from both t2 glider makers together

in this pattern the I2 gliders in the glider stream become a I3 glider when they touch
a another I2 glider at right angles. There are 2 t4 blocks that turn the I3 gliders
and add a i2 glider ahead of each one.

in this pattern the 3 t4 blocks make 5 i2 gliders from a single i2 glider

NOR gate
this pattern is a NOR gate either glider stream that is vertical cancels out
the horizontal glider stream and the output is 0
if you move both f2 blocks down to block both vertical glider streams then the ouput is 1

OR gate
in this pattern we combine the NOR gate with the NOT gate and we got the OR gate
you can try moving down the f2 blocks

AND gate
this pattern is a AND gate the output is the top horizontal glider stream
the bottom horizontal glider blocks the vertical glider stream
if it is blocked then the vertical glider stream blocks top horizontal glider stream