The rule table window lets you edit the rule table and create your own rules you select a state from color box and you click on a entry in the rule table to change it's state. to move or swap table entries, point to any table entry with the mouse, hold down the mouse and move to a different table entry that has a different color. release the mouse when you at that table entry. if you want to paint many entries then hold down the ctrl key while moving the mouse.

each cell counts the total value of it's neighbors. the value of each neighbor is the value of it's state multiply by it's neighbor weight
The neighbor weights can be change by going to view->edit neighbor values
some states have a value of 1, some have a value of 2 some have a value of 3 and some have no value. the color box shows the values of the states.

each cell uses both total value of it's neighbors and it's current state to look up it's new state in the rule table.

you can use the random_entry_stack_key to change a few random entries in the rule table.