show grid:
if checked, then it shows the grid when the board is zoomed in.

selection is transparent:
if checked, then the selection's background is transparent,
otherwise it is opaque.

save x and y offsets of selection:
if checked, then program always pastes the selection in exact same
place, it copied or cut from.

drop selection before running:
if checked, then the program drops the selection before calculating
the next generation

save_and_clear_key adds random cells:
if checked, then the save_and_clear_key is like the apply button on
the new universe dialog box.

warp x edges:
if checked, then the universe warps around horizontal

warp y edges:
if checked, then the universe warps around vertical

generation step:
the number of generations calc_key calculates when pressed

generation step 2:
the number of generations calc_key2 calculates when pressed

random rule table sparseness:
the percentage of entries that remain the same when the rule table is randomized

clear rule table first:
if checked, then the program clears the rule table before it randomize the rule table.

randomize only unused table entries:
if checked, then the program only randomize table entries that show a square in the rule table window.

simulator delay:
the amount time the simulator delays for, between generations when it runs. larger values slow it down and smaller values speed it up.