The File Menu
shows the new universe dialog box

loads a pattern from a file

saves the pattern to a file

shows the options dialog box

view description:
lets you to view and edit the description of the pattern

exits the program

The Edit Menu
cuts the selection to the clipboard

copies the selection to the clipboard

pastes the selection to the clipboard

adds random cells to the selection

flips the selection horizontal

flips the selection vertical

rotate c:
rotates the selection clockwise

rotate cc:
rotates the selection counterclockwise

fill with the selected color:
fills the selection with the selected color

clear selection:
clears the selection

clear outside selection:
clears outside the selection

rule family options:
shows options for the current rule family if it has options

add state:
adds a state to the color box

add a bunch of states:
shows a dailog box that lets you add a bunch of states

edit state:
shows the edit state window that lets you edit the current state

edit the table offset:
it asks you for the new table offset then it changes the table offset

edit the keys:
shows the edit keys window

Get Image:
shows a window that lets you take a picture of a pattern

The Table Menu
clear used table:
asks you how many generations to calculate then it marks all the entries in the rule table that where not being used to calculate these generations

fill used table:
unmarks all the entries in the rule table

randomize rule table:
it brings up the randomize rule table dialog box if it is not visible. otherwise it chooses a random color for each entry in the rule table you can choose the sparseness of the rule table in the options dialog box

resize rule table:
resizes the rule table and asks you for the width and height

copy rule table:
copies all the rows of the rule table

paste rule table:
appends the pasted rows to the rule table and updates the entries in the pasted rows

make rule table wider:
it automatically makes the rule table wider.
it makes the table wide enough so it can store all the possible neighborhood sums

random entries:
lets you change the number of random entries in the rule table, random_entry_stack_key changes each time it is pressed.

edit cell mask:
here is a example on how to use it.

The View Menu
show rule table:
shows the rule table

show color box:
shows the color box

show tool box:
shows the tool box

show file browser:
shows the file browser that lets you browse different patterns in a pattern set

show the keys:
shows the list of the keys

show info window:
shows a window that shows some info

show statistics:
shows the statistics window

edit rule table grid spacing:
edits the rule table grid spacing

edit neighborhood values:
lets you edit the neighborhood weights

enter neighborhood size:
lets you to change the neighborhood size

show rule family browser:
shows a list of rule families

show period checker:
shows the period checker that checks for ships and blinkers

try different positions:
shows the window with the title "try different positions"

shows the window with the title "genes"